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The first Cone-head™ bicycle helmets have been released by SCOTT SPORTS SA - called Vanish and Vanish Air.        Check out Kali's latest motorcycle helmet, the Naza, incorporating Cone-head™ technology.        Cone-head™: leading the way in head and body protection.

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The cone-head™ liner is a shock absorbing foam liner for safety helmets that incorporates cone-shaped structures within the thickness of the helmet liner.

The revolutionary shock absorbing cone-head™ liner:

• acts like a crumple zone around the head to absorb and dissipate impact forces more effectively than current liners in helmets

• will help to reduce the deceleration of the head on impact

• may be used in other applications to protect body parts or valued goods from impact forces

The new cone-head™ liner for helmets represents an enormous advance in safety technology for all types of helmets. It solves the problem of current liners being too hard and stiff and not able to effectively absorb an impact force.

The cone-head™ liner is the brainchild of Brisbane physicist Don E. Morgan who spent more than 20 years researching the effectiveness of motorcycle and bicycle helmets and developing the new shock absorbing liner for helmets.

The innovative cone-head™ liner has been developed and manufactured by Hong Kong based helmet manufacturer Strategic Sports Ltd. The company was founded by Dr. Philip Cheng and his son Norman Cheng, in 1991, to manufacture helmets and promote helmet safety.

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